Hello 2019 let’s do this pls tag @iamhalsey ⭐️ #withoutme #halsey Song Request for @lilprincess_lillie @vivianhicksofficial vivianhicksofficial Vivian Hicks Official

lexonami - Naomi Rivera 4 days ago

AMAZING.JUST..AMAZING. Love the power in your voice and the feeling you evoke while singing these songs,just found your profile and im glad I did, keep doing what you do🌼

n.i.k.k.1 - Nikki 5 days ago

Your voice in amazingly angelic I just don’t know how u do it!! I have saved this and NEED u to release it on iTunes, google play and Spotify!!!

trixington - Ashley L. Gurney 6 days ago

I’m absolutely obsessed with this! Ever since you posted this I can’t stop listening, your voice has gotten so amazing over the years and I’m so proud. Keep it up beautiful💕 you inspire me with my music everyday!

lily.faith13 - Lily Maxwell 6 days ago

I have this saved and I watch/listen to it everyday😭I love it so much! You should totally put this cover on iTunes😍💜

pilarmoojen - Pilar Sylvie Marjan Moojen 1 week ago

wauw. just wauw. You’re such a talent!! I think what you’re doing is amazing and I wish u a lot of succes with ur road to becoming the next superstar bc I know for a fact that you will be!!!😍

eidson.emma - emma eidson 1 week ago

Wow. This was better then the original! I love your voice. You have a very strong and powerful voice.❤️🔥