#EarthOnLocation by Michel Sadiakhou This is #Dynasties cameraman @markmacewen_dop on assignment for the chimpanzees shoot in West Africa. 'There are moments when you're filming chimpanzees that I wouldn't say you feel in danger, but you suddenly feel that you are no longer in control. They are so much stronger than you, so much faster.' πŸ“Ί #Dynasties starts this Sunday on @BBCOne. Click the link in our bio for Dynasties where you are. . . . . . #chimp #chimpanzee #bbcearth #earthcapture #cameraman #wildlifephotography #willdife #wildlifefilmmaking #wildlifefilm #nature #naturedocumentary #animals #apes #greatapes #naturelovers #wildlife_seekers @bbcearth bbcearth BBC Earth

a_l_rn - Al 2 months ago

Thank you cameraman for what you doπŸ‘

geew123 - gw123 2 months ago

And you like pretty strong urself !!just shows you the power of the chimpanzees πŸ™

lotusandtheox - Elizabeth 2 months ago

We appreciate the risk you guys take to broaden our minds and give us these experiences that most of us don't get to have. Thank you πŸ™

starry_night1969 - 2 months ago

I always love seeing the Camera person behind the shots. Some shots are so amazing and you wonder what they went through to get it!

janine_coppini - Janine 2 months ago

Visiting Monkey World here in Dorset and watching the Chimpanzees in their numbers as primates will be equally as enthralling as out in Africa...Being a rescue or otherwise will portray their intelligence on how to counteract their opponents as a species.

joyce.button - 2 months ago

Love chimps! We thank you for braving your assignment, please be careful! πŸ’–πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’—