Waiting for our friends to come over for🍿and a movie 🎥. On Wednesday our school starts again, are you back in school or do you still have holiday? #twins #sisters #style #love #friendsallovertheworld #happiness #fashion #movienight #winter @_izaandelle_ _izaandelle_ Iza & Elle

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I’m back in school 💗 babys i love u so much and you mean a lot to me,you are my world,my life and you are my everything and you are so cute,sweet,kind,amazing,awesome,just the best💙 my dream is only one 😭❤️ that someday you will follow me 😭💙 baby’s I have this go so long time more than one year 💗 cutes please make my dream come true 😭❤️

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Hi Elle ! Hi Iza ! Hope you’re fine today 😊💗 I wanted to tell you that you don’t have to change to be like before, because you must go forward! Everyone is changing and that's normal 😂💗 I always loved you ! Before, NOW, after... Cause you’re like a friends for me 💭 I dream to meet you but not like a fan...like a friend 💗 I want to talk with you everyday and do everything with you ! You’re my second family please, never forget that 💗😭 I wont strength you to check my edits cause you have a life ! But if you have time...💗 And if you like and answer to this, THANKS you to spend your time for a girl like me. Elle, Iza, you’re always in my mind and for ever💭 Your Ambre who can die for you

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I am so sad, we also start school on Wednesday😢. I was spending time great and now i do not want to go to school😭. And you?